Sunday, 19 February 2012

Del Stark becomes new Director of NanoPRO and launches new Nanotechnology Business Forum and Business Club

For Immediate Release - 20 February 2012
Del Stark becomes new Director of NanoPRO and launches new Nanotechnology Business Forum and Business Club. 

Del Stark, CEO and founder of Del Stark Technology Solutions ( today announces the launch of the Nanotechnology Business Club and Innovation Forum – an initiative to assist the nanotechnology community. 

Del says, “The club will help companies to innovate, make new product claims, find a competitive edge and offer improved services to customers.”   The club will allow businesses to make more connections to the academic solution providers and generate new business through networking, referrals and thinking out of the box for technology solutions and integration.

“The Nanotechnology Business Club and Innovation Forum will be working with many industrial leaders to support their advancing and changing technology needs and will offer companies an ideal platform for success,” said Del.

Del Stark also announces that he will become the new director of NanoPRO (, a website dedicated to promoting nanotechnology companies through PR and marketing services as Ewen Andrews, NanoPRO’s founder is retiring.

Del plans to use the NanoPRO website and the Nanotechnology Business Club and Innovation Forum to give nanotechnology businesses an unrivalled service delivering promotion, lead generation and business development as well as providing facts for informed and fast paced business decisions related to technology trends. 

The Nanotechnology Business Club and Innovation Forum will offer:

½ hour free consultancy per month

Access to an extensive document library

Notices and invitations for groundbreaking events

Exclusive promotional opportunities via


Regular fact sheets:

Advancing technology in universities

Innovative companies


Public perception


Introductions to create:

International business development


Research collaborations


With regular updates on news, technology reviews, publications, patents, events and funding calls including country analysis, legislation & regulatory round-up and expert interviews.



About Del Stark Technology Solutions:

Del Stark, a veteran technology scout and advocate, formed Del Stark Technology Solutions to assist innovative and technically driven companies in sourcing new technologies with a wide range of consultancy services.  The company also manages the Nanotechnology Business Club and Innovation Forum.

Tel: +44 (0) 7903 115 148

About NanoPRO:

NanoPRO supports the growing needs of nanotechnology based companies in reaching new markets, sourcing new customers and promoting the benefits of their products and the importance of nanotechnologies.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

MEMS Live USA and NANO Live USA 2012

The MM Live series of events are now recognized as the one of the world's most important events for micro manufacturing technologies. If your role involves designing, manufacturing or measuring in the micro, precision and nano environments then MM Live USA along with new feature events MEMS Live USA and NANO Live USA will deliver you a return on your time invested in visiting the event
Free Expo Hall Admission
Discover the latest developments from over 75 leading exhibitors. A complete exhibitor list can be seen by clicking the link to the right. Check back for the latest updates or follow us on Twitter to be kept up to date.

Free Admission to World Class Educational Seminar Program
The seminar program is firmly established as a key part of the event. Characterized by high quality presentations from technology innovators and thought leaaders from across the globe. This high level conference drew nearly 150 delegates from 10 different countries in 2010. 2012 will see some exciting new developments and the strongest line-up yet featuring presentations from leading Micro, MEMS and NANO technology experts.

Live Machine Demonstrations
These shows are all about live technology and machine demonstrations — allowing the attendee to assess technology first hand with many LIVE show floor demonstrations.

This event presents the latest cutting edge technologies that are critical to your manufacturing business for tomorrow Admission to the exhibits and the complete seminar program is FREE for all attendees. Register today and join us for two days of learning, networking and business!

Printed Electronics: The Hot Topics

By Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx   

On 3-4 April, IDTechEx is hosting its 8th annual Printed Electronics Europe event in Berlin, Germany. The event focus is on the commercialisation of printed electronics, with adopters from many verticals discussing their needs and experiences. 

Also covered in the 100+ speaker conference program are the hottest technology topics. Experts from industry and academia will present their work followed by panel debate and discussion. Sessions include the following topics, reflecting the hottest current topics in the industry.

OLED versus LED lighting
It has taken twenty years for LED lighting to become 3% of the total $80 Billion global lighting market, but it is now on the exponential growth, appearing in car headlights to home lighting to street lighting. What is the impact on OLED lighting? Will those in OLED lighting achieve efficiencies, yield and lifetimes fast enough before LED becomes ingrained? Printing is already being applied to LED lighting for connectors and even printing LEDs themselves. Others are mounting LEDs on flex. But will the thermal problems restrict the applicability of LED lighting on flexible substrates, paving the way for OLED lighting there? Who is investing in OLED lighting manufacturing? Hear the lighting developers debate the topic at this event.

Energy Storage Gold Rush
Battery technology had progressed incredibly slowly over the last 100 years compared to other electronics and electrics. Now the development of energy storage technology has accelerated – due to government stimulus and industry demand for electric vehicles, local energy storage for renewables as part of the smart grid, long life energy storage for consumer electronics, and powering printed electronics components. New form factor batteries are available. Printed materials and laminar films have many opportunities in energy storage – including printed batteries but beyond that to improving conventional batteries, capacitors and supercapacitors – even those that scale up to the sizes of cars. Hear about the market needs, opportunity and technology progress at this event.

Replacing ITO
Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is still about 95% of the $3.5 billion transparent conductive film market. Indium is subject to supply restriction and its price has varied by a magnitude in the last ten years. It is required primarily for photovoltaics, displays and touch screen applications – enormous sectors. Alternatives to ITO include transparent organic materials, finely printed conductive mesh, and other ways of patterning metal strands. Some even use copper to reduce cost. Others are progressing carbon nanotubes and grapheme as a viable alternative. Do all these choices have a market and what is their opportunity? Contrast the specifications – including hearing from those using ITO - to piece together the opportunity at this event.

Attendees will hear from some of the World's largest organisations including: 
  • United Technologies Research Center - $52 Billion Aerospace/Infrastructure company
  • Procter & Gamble - $82 Billion Consumer Brands company
  • Metro Stores - €67 Billion Consumer Goods Retailer company
  • Schneider Electric - €20 Billion Electrics/Electronics company
  • Samsung - $220 Billion Consumer Electronics company
  • Nokia - €42 Billion Consumer Electronics company
  • Panasonic - €83 Billion Consumer Electronics company
  • Abbot Diagnostics - $35 Billion Healthcare company

These are just some of the highlighted topics that will be aired at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe event. Register by February 29th and save 30% - go to

To be involved in a first class networking platform where you have multiple opportunities to meet with end users, manufacturers and system integrators, see  or email

For information on press passes or media partnerships for any IDTechEx event – contact Cara Harrington at

About the author: Raghu Das MA (Cantab) is CEO of IDTechEx. He has an MA Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University, where he studied physics. He has been closely involved with the development of RFID, printed electronics, energy harvesting and electric vehicles for over ten years, carrying out consultancy in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East. He has lectured on these topics at over 300 events and conferences around the world and is author of several IDTechEx publications.

Upcoming Events:

Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea & Air USA 2011 | March 27-28 | San Jose, CA |

Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics Europe 2012 | 3-4 April | Berlin, Germany|

Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2012 | 15-16 May | Berlin, Germany |  

Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Europe 2012 | 15-16 May | Berlin, Germany |  

Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics Asia 2012 | October 3-4 | Tokyo, Japan |   

Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics USA 2012 | December 5-6 | Santa Clara, CA |  

Featured Report:

"Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2011-2021"

This report provides the most comprehensive view of the topic, giving detailed ten year forecasts by device type. The market is analyzed by territory, printed vs non printed, rigid vs flexible, inorganic vs organic, cost of materials vs process cost and much more, with over 200 tables and figures. Activities of over 1000 leading companies are given.

The report specifically addresses the big picture - including all thin film photovoltaics, relevant display technologies and much more. Importantly, it includes not only electronics which are printed, organic and/or flexible now, but it also covers those that will be. Realistic timescales, case studies, existing products and the emergence of new products are given, as are impediments and opportunities for the years to come.

Details at:

Friday, 10 February 2012

Smart Systems Integration 2012 - the conference

International Conference & Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems - MEMS, NEMS, ICs and Electronic Components

Smart Systems Integration is the international communication platform for research institutes and manufacturers to exchange know-how on smart systems integration and to create the basis for successful research co operations with focus on Europe.

The event is part of the activities of EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration.

Technology - Smaller! Smarter! Integrated!

Smart Systems Integration allows you to form a system out of components which is able to gain information from the environment, to process it electronically, to communicate signals and data and to give enabled feedback signal to the ambience.

The whole system is subject to the trend of today’s world: miniaturization, networking capability, energy-autonomy and reliability. Due to increasing complexity and multidisciplinarity developing teams in fields of microsystems- and nanotechnology, optics, fluidics, biology, medical science, electronics and wireless communication technologies face highest demands.

The Smart Systems Integration 2012 will be held in collaboration with MEMS Executive Congress Europe, organized by MEMS Industry Group.