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Last Call for 2014 US Nanotechnology Survey Responses – New Deadline is March 31, 2014

Are you involved with nanotechnology for the design/development/commercialization/entrepreneurship/integration into new materials, products or processes? Share your opinions through a brief survey at By doing so, you can help increase understanding and take action on the most urgent issues affecting U.S. competitiveness.

The not-for-profit National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS, has partnered with the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI, to conduct its fourth study of trends in nanotechnology and nanofabrication. Due to the importance of the subject to U.S. national interests, NCMS is polling a broad cross-section of stakeholders to help policymakers assess the cross-sector economic impact of the NNI. The goal of the current 2014 study is to document best practices in nano-enabled product development and integration, and to identify the challenges organizations (such as academia, government labs, start-ups or established large manufacturers) face in transitioning nano-scale advances from the laboratory into sustainable commercial applications. Individual responses are kept confidential and will only be used in the aggregate for statistical reporting – all participants will have the opportunity to preview the results prior to public release of NCMS’ report. The 15-minute interactive survey questionnaire may be accessed at until March 31, 2014.

For questions regarding the study, contact:
Manish Mehta, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator, 2014 NCMS-NSF Nanomanufacturing Survey Project
E-mail:, Tel: (734) 995-4938

Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Graphene and Healthcare Report Published

A new report published by Del Stark Technology Solutions and JE Science reviews potential applications of graphene to healthcare, including drug delivery, tissue engineering, cancer treatments and bio-sensing.  The report highlights some of the latest research taking place around the globe (a review of 107 journal papers) and comments on the patent landscape (86 separate patent applications are profiled). 

The report also presents views from experts regarding graphene’s future place in the healthcare market and tackles questions such as: 
  • How close are we to these applications being realized?
  • In terms of biocompatibility, what should be considered for clinical use and patient care?
  • Will graphene-based devices and therapies outperform those currently on the market?
  • Can healthcare companies take advantage of graphene just now?
  • What else should companies take into account when considering graphene for healthcare applications? 
View the Table of Contents and Executive Summary:

To order your copy or to request further information please contact Del Stark via:
t: +44 (0) 7903 115 148

Report Cost - Electronic (PDF) Copy:
  • Single User License PDF: £600
  • Multi User PDF License at the Same Location: £850
  • Corporate User License PDF: £1150

About the authors: Del Stark Technology Solutions is a nanotechnology consultancy and JE Science provides expert written content for science and technology companies and organizations. They have recently joined forces to produce and publish a series of authoritative technology briefings on the nanotechnology sector, containing up-to-date information on research, patents and business activity.

Graphene:  Graphene has been heralded “a wonder material” that has the potential to revolutionise many different technologies including electronics, batteries and solar cells. Articles appear in the press on a daily basis showcasing advanced products based on graphene, such as flexible mobile communication devices and next-generation coatings and printing inks. Nanotechnology experts believe that companies should be looking at graphene and identifying applications that will create future value. Nevertheless, despite all the attention in the media and recent Government funding, not much consideration has so far not been afforded graphene’s impact on the healthcare industry. 

That is until now: order a copy of the Graphene for Healthcare Report and learn about these advancing business opportunities. 

Details at:

NANOWAVES launches its revolutionary eco-friendly fouling release system

The Belgian company Nanowaves proudly announces the worldwide launch of its non-toxic fouling release system – biocides/heavy metals free and featuring low volatile content (VOC - less than 5%) .

Barnacles, among other fouling organisms, are a major problem for watercraft of all sorts. Stuck to a hull they can drastically decrease the vessel’s hydrodynamics, causing it to burn more fuel and emit more CO2 emissions in order to maintain its cruising speed. The most common way of keeping barnacles off those hulls involves the use of toxic substances, which gradually leach out of the paint and poison the marine ecosystem.

Nanowaves has united two breakthrough Belgian technologies; a coating loaded with carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and an ultrasound device to develop the most effective non-toxic fouling release system available on the market. Even if announced today, this system already has a wide proven track record and has gone through extensive field trials on immersed boats, confirming that the paint still performs very efficiently after over 31/2 years of immersion. These real-life results were collected in numerous marine locations around the globe and within diverse fouling environments (e.g. Martinique, The Netherlands, South America, Asia…).

Based on cutting-edge chemical innovations, Nanowaves does not only avoid the leaching of toxic paints in the marine ecosystem, it also allows the reduction of services costs as dry docking and repaint jobs every 2 to 3 years can be skipped compared to other traditional antifouling products.

The coating’s nano-textured surface helps drastically increase watercrafts’ hydrophobicity while immersed, allowing an overall enhancement of the boat’s performance (substantial speed gain – 3 to 6% depending on conditions). The coating also reinforces the hulls mechanical properties, increasing its corrosion and scratch resistance.

Nanowaves® is a versatile coating easily applicable on numerous materials including aluminum, steel and polyester with standard paint sprayers or rolls. It is currently available in 4 different colors (Black, Red Brown, Navy Blue and Dark Grey).

The Belgian company is so confident in the quality of its combined products (CNTs coating & ultrasound device), that it offers its clients a 5-Year warranty on the ultrasound device!

For any inquiry about Nanowaves, please contact:
Nicolas Moies-Delval ( )

2014 U.S. Nanotechnology Commercialization Survey

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) has partnered with the National Science Foundation under the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) to launch its latest study of commercialization trends in nanotechnology and nanofabrication– previous studies were performed in 2003, 2006 and 2009. Themed “Achieving Sustainable Nanotechnology Products,” the goal of this 2014 study is to document best practices in nano-product development and integration, and identify the common challenges organizations (academia, government labs, start-ups or established corporations) face in transitioning nano-scale advances from the laboratory into sustainable commercial applications. Due to the importance of the subject and massive public-private investments made in nanotechnology, NCMS is polling a broad cross-section of U.S. industry.

Senior executives and researchers in stakeholder organizations are encouraged to share their experience and opinions about nanotechnology development in the U.S. Individual responses are kept confidential and the data will only be used in the aggregate. NCMS’ insightful reports are widely distributed to federal and state agencies, and elected representatives. All survey respondents will receive the insightful study results in advance of public release this summer. The 15-minute interactive survey may be accessed at until March 15, 2014.

Nanotechnology in a Nutshell - From Simple to Complex Systems

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